[Brush shop & cream shop teaches] How to polish leather shoes

What should I do to polish my shoes? It looks a little difficult. Isn’t it thought that?
In fact, if you know the basic polishing method, even beginners can polish it beautifully!

Depending on how you care for your leather shoes, they will become more rich in nuance and more attractive than when they are new.
Get the hang of it and polish your shoes.

What tools do I need to polish my shoes?


It is a necessary tool for leather shoe shine. We will also introduce what can be substituted.

・Shoe keeper:
It is the one that the shape of the leather shoes is arranged.
※ It can be substituted by filling towels, newspaper, etc.
・Cloth (cloth):
It is used for wiping cleaners, wiping dry, polishing, etc.
・Shoe brush:
Prepare a brush for each maintenance process.
Horse hair brush, pig hair brush, mountain wool brush
It is used to remove shoe stains, old creams and wax.
・Shoe cream:
It is an emulsified cream that moisturizes and nourishes leather shoes and gives them a natural luster.
It is used to protect shoes and give them a shiny luster.

Shoe shine procedure

Here are the steps to take care of your shoes.

[Basic care process]

Shoe shine procedure [Polishing process to finish shoes more shiny]

1.Put the shoe keeper in leather shoes

Put a shoe keeper in leather shoes to shape it.
By putting a shoe keeper, you can firmly stretch wrinkles etc. made when wearing it, and polish every detail while maintaining the original shape.
By stretching wrinkles and applying shoe cream, you can prevent dryness and cracking of the parts that are not applied.

2.Dust with a horse hair brush

Dust on shoes is used with a soft horse hair brush. By brushing, it is possible to remove even fine dust, preventing dust from taking away moisture from
the leather and causing the leather to dry out and cause scratches.

[Point of horse hair brush selection]

・Supple and soft:
Dust between medallion holes and fine stitching of wing tips can also be removed cleanly.
・Long hair legs:
You don’t have to put the brush on your shoes when you care.
・High density:
The softer the brush, the more elastic it is, and the dust will be firmly visible.

Recommended horse hair brush from here

3.Wipe off shoe stains, old creams and wax with a cleaner

After dusting, use a cleaner dedicated to leather shoes to remove shoe stains, old creams and wax.
Take a soy-sized amount of cleaner on a cloth, apply it to the entire shoe, and wipe it off.
Apply to shoes for crosses as they may stain if applied directly to shoes.

[Points of the order to remove dirt]

  1. After spreading it throughout the shoe, gently wipe off any dirt you care about.
  2. Gently wipe off shoe creams, waxes, etc. applied to the entire shoe’s past

4.Apply shoe cream to the entire leather shoe and brush it so that it blends into the entire leather shoe with a pig hair brush.

Take about a grain of emulsified cream and apply it to the entire shoe.
When applying, you can apply with your fingers or cloth, but if you do not want to stain your fingers or want to care more carefully, there is a dedicated Penetrate brush / cream brush that can firmly apply details. Penetrate brush / Cream brush is here

Apply the applied shoe cream with a pig hair brush to blend the entire leather shoe. Since it penetrates into the leather with the frictional heat of Brushing, let’s polish it with a strong force that will take on a little heat.
By doing this work, the leather shoes will be made to come out.

※ Depending on the leather, if it is too strong, it may be damaged, so please check it little by little.

[Point of choosing a pig hair brush]

Choose a size that is easy to put in force when you hold it with your hand.
・Having hard hair:
In a way that frictional heat occurs moderately and the cream blends into the shoes, it is better to have hard hair and strong.

Recommended pig hair brush is here

[Point: Recommended TEUE Brush]

It is higher than a normal brush, but TEUE Brush is solidly made of density, firmness, durability, etc.
A dense brush will be a solid and elastic brush. Not only the hardness of the hair, but also the product that is finished in the way of the density of the brush will change.
In addition, you can use TEUE brushes habitually for a long time.

【Points of shoe cream selection】

For emulsified cream, colorless and transparent is recommended because new leather shoes are not colored. Shoes that have been used for a long time and faded have a complementary effect, so choose a cream that is colored according to your leather shoes.

5.Wipe off excess cream

When brushing is done, wipe off the excess cream with a cloth or the like. If there is extra cream left, dust is easy to attach, so the dust will take away the oil of the leather and dry out to prevent deterioration. Wipe the surface gently without putting any strong force.

6.Finish and polish with a mountain wool brush

By brushing with a mountain wool brush to finish, a natural luster comes out.
The recommended mountain wool brush is here
So far is the process of caring for basic shoes.

Here’s movie on how to polish your basic shoes!
Learn how to polish men’s and women’s shoes

7.Apply Wax

Applying and polishing shoe cream will give it a natural glossy luster, but we recommend wax for those who want to give it a more beautiful luster.

Apply the wax with your fingers in a circular way.
By rubbing it with your finger, you can apply it thinly while melting the wax with the heat of your finger.
※ How to think that dirt is a care in the hand, please paint thinly as well as the finger winding the cloth in the hand.

A very small amount of water of about a drop is hung on the part you want to paint and stretch, and it is applied.
It is also good to apply it at the tip, side and rear of the
※ Wax is good to apply to the hard part where wrinkles of the shoe can not be applied. If you apply it to a place such as wrinkles wearing shoes, it may cause cracks.

After painting by hand, next, roll the cloth around your fingertips and brush. Brush with a little water on your fingertips.
※ The point is to make the cloth of the fingertips stretch with a pin. Drip a drop of very little water on the part you want to paint and stretch, and brush with a cloth.

Carefully repeat the application and polishing of this wax for about 20 minutes.

It is coated with wax for a beautiful luster.
By repeating this, the layer is made and the shine increases (mirror polishing).

8.Brush with a mountain wool brush for polishing finish

After waxing and polishing, the finish is brushing with a mountain wool brush.

The mountain wool has the thinest hair compared to horsehair and pig hair, delicate, firm and firm.
By applying a very little water to the mountain wool
brush and brushing without force, it is finished in leather shoes with a fresh shine.

If you brush firmly on the boundary between the waxed place and the place where you are not applying, the boundary is familiar. The whole balance is well balanced.

By all means, please finish it in fresh shine and beautiful shiny leather shoes with a mountain wool brush.
Recommended mountain wool brush is here

Frequency of shoe shine and daily care

In order to wear leather shoes for a long time and beautifully, regular shoe shine and daily care are required. In addition, shoes are damp due to the sweat of the feet when you wear them, so do not wear them every day, and try to wear them every 1-2 days.

Frequency of shoe shine

  • Care should be made about once a month. Shoe shine is also affected by the frequency of wearing shoes, but if it is a shoe that you use habitually, a guide of about once a month is just right.
  • If you leave your leather shoes as they are, they will dry out, so it is important to replenish moderate oil and moisture. Moisturize and nourish your leather shoes with cream.

【Points of care for shoe cream and wax】

・Emulsified cream …
Moisturizes & gives off a natural luster
・Oily wax …
Emphasize the luster of leather to give it a gloss

How to take care of your daily life

Shoes will get dust when you wear them, so brush them when you’re done with them to remove dust.

1.Brush with a horse hair brush

When you’re done wearing it, brush your horse hair with dust. As I mentioned earlier, dust is taken away from the oil of the leather, and the deterioration of the leather progresses, so it is a good idea to remove dust every time you wear it.
Recommended Shoe Brushes

2.Put the shoekeeper and save

It is also important to polish shoes, but it is a good idea to prepare one shoekeeper to shape and save the shoes. In addition to preventing mold loss, it has the effect of stretching the wrinkles of shoes to prevent cracks in leather and preventing warping of the soles of shoes.

Wooden shoekeepers also have a dehumidification effect, which helps prevent moisture, which can be said to be the natural enemy of leather shoes. In addition, if you put a shoekeeper in during maintenance such as shoe shine, you can prevent mold collapse.

[Point to choose a shoekeeper]

Be sure to choose the right size for your shoes.
The shape that fits perfectly on the toes and heels
There are wood and plastic, but among the recommended humidity-conditioned wooden, cedar is good for antibacterial, moisture absorption, deodorization, etc., and the weight is also popular.

If you want to stick to more shoe shine, such a tool

I want to stick to shoe shine more! We will introduce recommended tools for those who want to!

Penerate Brush/Cream brush

This brush is used when applying cream to shoes.
It stretches better than the fingers and can be applied to fine details.
Penerate brush / Cream brush is here

Flannel Fabric Cloth

Crosses can be substituted for out-of-use T-shirts, but using flannel cloth will result in a more beautiful finish. It is a cloth that can be used for dirt remove, dry wiping, and polishing, so please try it.

Introduction of mirror polishing

Do you know the word “mirror polish”? It is sometimes called high shine or shoe shine, but both words are “a state where the surface of the shoe becomes smooth like a mirror”.

By repeatedly applying and polishing the wax of 7 introduced above, a layer of wax can be made with wax and it will become shiny.

When the luster comes on, brush with a mountain wool brush to finish and finish.
Please try it by all means.

Have fun trying your own shoes!

Grooming not only looks clean, but also leads to a sense of trust. You can also give a stylish impression just by comfortable shoes.

In addition, there are many people who love the time to care for leather shoes when the heart is calm and healed.
Let’s enjoy it by all means, make it a habit to care for leather shoes, and let’s make your favorite leather shoes last longer! Supervision:

References:Lion Shoe Cream Honpo (Taniguchi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.)

Products introduced in articles and movie

for Dropping Dust (the mane of flower horse hair)

for Polishing (white pig hair)

for Finishing (goat hair)

Shoe Polish/Penetrate Brush/Cream Brush
(Left: White pig hair Right: White horse hair)

for Polishing (horse hair)