How to care for cashmere sweaters

“Cashmere sweater” that I liked and bought, since you like to use it for a long time? Cashmere is a delicate material. You can use it for a long time in a beautiful state by taking care of it. Here, we will introduce the daily care and washing methods of cashmere sweaters that you can do at home.

Daily care

Brush clothes after wearing

Cashmere is a fine and soft fiber that feels good against the skin and is very comfortable to wear. It also has a unique luster. However, rubbing the fabric makes it easier for pills to form.

【Use a clothes brush to straighten the flow of fibers before they become pills.】

By using the clothes brush, dust hidden deep inside the fiber are removed and by cleaning the surface, brings out the original vibrance. The fibers untangle and makes less pills.

How to brush with a clothes brush

STEP1 Stroke against fiber flow to take out dust.
STEP2 Stroke with fiber flow to take out dust.
STEP3 Stroke with fiber flow to clean sureface.

The point here is that it is good to use a natural hair brush for the clothes brush. Natural bristles have soft bristles, so you can brush without straining the fabric. Among the natural hairs, horsehair clothes brushes have supple hair and fine texture, so they are perfect for soft and delicate cashmere materials. The horsehair clothes brush is introduced here.

In addition, natural hair contains oil and water, so it has the advantage of being less prone to static electricity. The movie shows how to use the clothes brush.

Other daily care methods

  • Once you wear it, let it rest for a few days
  • When you have pills, loosen them with a clothes brush.
  • If it gets dirty, remove it immediately before it becomes a stain.

Storage method

  • Dry thoroughly in a clean state
  • Put an insect repellent in a sealable case
  • Store flat

Washing method

  • Check the washing label and wash by hand
  • Flatten in the shade

Let’s use cashmere sweater for a long time with daily care

Daily maintenance are is important for long-term use of cashmere sweaters. If you take care of it, you can maintain the feel and luster of cashmere.

By all means, these daily maintenance keep your cashmere sweater, use it for a long time, and fashionably survive the cold winter.

Supervision:KE’KEN Textile Testing & Certification Center,Textiles Evaluation Specialist


KE’KEN Textile Testing & Certification Center


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Tokyo Cleaning Life Hygiene Association

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