1917(Taisho 6)


・Founder Mihoji Uno established the business in Azumamachi (present day Kyojima)
・Begins manufacturing Japanese brushes (wooden brushes for gluing)

1926(Showa 1)

Into the Showa Era

・Moves to current address
・Takes apprentices to raise next generation craftsmen
・Starts manufacturing metal ferrule brushes in addition to conventional lineup

1950(Showa 25)

Adopts western style brushes

・To follow western trends, polishers were produced

1964(Showa 39)

Second Generation takes over

・Yuzo Uno takes over as second generation
・Produces brushes for cleaning and industrial use

2007(Heisei 19)

Expands Production

・Builds factory in Oshiage

2015(Heisei 27)

To the Third Generation

・Establishes Uno Japanese Brush Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with Chieko Uno as president.
・Michiyo Uno takes over as third generation. New products such as animal brushes are produced incorporating innovative design concepts and ideas to follow modern trends and needs.